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 Sean Lahooti raised $2,000 for the St John of God Murdoch Cancer Centre


Sean Lahooti has been receiving treatment at the St John of God Murdoch Hospital Cancer Centre for nearly 10 years and says the incredible care he’s received inspired him to give back to help others access the best treatment options and advanced care that he’s been fortunate to receive.

Sean raised $2,000 through a fundraising event hosted for the AFL Grand Final in 2020, donating all funds to the Cancer Centre to fund cancer research and treatment at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

Sean Lahooti

“I wanted to do something to say thanks for everything, for saving my life. But it’s also about making a difference for people in need. If I can help others to receive treatment as I have or to access new treatment options, then I’m glad to have been a part of that.

“I go into the Cancer Centre every week and the people there are amazing – they’re so warm and they’ve become an extended family to me in a way. That’s why I wanted to do something to give back and say thank you.” – Sean Lahooti, St John of God Murdoch Hospital patient.

“It’s a wonderful thing when our patients want to give back to say thank you for the treatment they received and to help others who might go through the same journey in the future. It’s a testament to the caregivers who show such compassion in their daily work.”   

Ben Edwards, St John of God Murdoch Hospital CEO

To find out more about fundraising for an area of support that is meaningful to you, please email or call 1800 281 288 to discuss your ideas.

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