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Thanks to generous donations, the cutting-edge Trident HD portable mammogram machine has now arrived at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

"The Trident HD allows surgeons to get sharp and detailed images of the breast cancer spot during surgery, which equips us to perform more accurate excisions and means patients spend less time in surgery under anaesthetic. Both factors lead to better recovery," Breast Surgeon, Dr Saud Hamza said.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital's Trident HD was one of just four dispatched to Australia in November 2022.

The arrival of the Trident HD to St John of God Murdoch Hospital complements cutting edge breast cancer removal techniques being performed by the hospital’s breast surgical team.

One such technique is the use of Magseed's technology. Tiny magnetic 'seeds' are implanted into the breast cancer spot under radiology guidance at the precise location of the tumour. During surgery, the surgeon runs a magnetic probe along the outside of the body, which 'detects' the seeds.

Dr Hamza likened the technology to a ‘metal detector’.

"Using Magseeds, we are performing extremely precise, minimally invasive tumour removal - the best possible outcome for patients."

One such patient was Angela Reyniers (pictured) who recently underwent breast cancer removal surgery at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, using the Magseeds technique.

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As a nurse herself, Angela knew that a second surgery may have been required if the entire tumour was not removed the first time – an experience she was very much hoping to avoid. 

“The Magseeds implant was really straightforward – no discomfort at all – and post-surgery recovery has been great. All things considered, I’m feeling really good,” Angela said.

Angela also felt that the use of community donations for innovative technology such as the Magseed was very positive.

“To be able to take donations like that, and to utilise it for medicine that is going to improve patient outcomes is so important,” she said.

“Anything that improves patient outcomes is a good thing.”

Angela also reflected that her treatment journey and experience was far better than she expected.

“I feel amazing. At almost every stage of my journey, from diagnosis to surgery, to chemo and radiation, my situation has always been more positive than what our expectations were.”

We are so grateful to our amazing donors, who have helped to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients like Angela through cutting-edge treatments and technologies.

Our sincere thanks to the Tony Fini Foundation, Frank Tomasi, Gudrun Westerfeld and Galvin Engineering for their kind support for the Trident HD technology at St John of God Murdoch Hospital. 


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