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At St John of God Foundation, we are committed to advancing health care through personalised patient treatment and leading medical research carried out through St John of God Health Care. 


As a Ministry of the Catholic Church, St John of God Health Care models its service delivery on the healing Mission of Jesus Christ. As a leading health care provider this means offering hospitality, hope and healing to all in our care and to all who choose to work with us.

Our Mission

To continue the healing mission of Jesus.

Our Vision

We are recognised for enabling care that provides healing, hope and a greater sense of dignity, especially to those most in need.

Our Values

Our core Values reflect our heritage and guide our behaviours:

Hospitality – A welcoming openness, providing material and spiritual comfort to all.

Compassion – Feeling with others and striving to understand their lives, experiences, discomfort and suffering, with a willingness to reach out in solidarity.

Respect – Treasuring the unique dignity of every person and recognising the sacredness of all creation.       

Justice – A balanced and fair relationship with self, neighbour, all of creation and with God.       

Excellence – Striving for excellence in the care and services we provide.

Your gift can change a life.