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Thanks to generous donor support, St John of God Murdoch Hospital surgeons will be able to deliver exceptional, personalised treatment for patients with breast cancer.

Support from our donor community has enabled the purchase of the Trident HD system for intra-operative radiography. The Trident is an advanced, portable intra-operative breast specimen system that allows surgeons to take images of breast tumour specimens in the operating theatre, in real time, and determine whether a clean margin between cancerous tumours and healthy tissue has been achieved.

“The Trident HD system is a breakthrough in breast specimen imaging technology. It is the only specimen radiograph on the market to use the same detector technology used in 3 dimension mammography systems to generate crisp, clear, high-resolution images, helping to streamline workflows and reduce recalls while decreasing procedure times,” says St John of God Murdoch Hospital Breast Surgeon Dr Saud Hamza.

“It features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to manoeuvre in a crowded operating theatre and it does have an intuitive touchscreen interface and wireless integration supports, making it the most advanced specimen radiograph in the market.”

The impact of this ground-breaking technology will be profoundly felt by patients and their families. By shortening the time of each surgery and reducing patients’ time in the operating theatre and under anaesthesia, this technology has the potential to greatly improve patients’ wellbeing. By helping patients to feel more confident that the cancer has been removed, and eliminating the stress of additional surgery, the Trident can also put patients on the road to recovery sooner.

“This equipment will enable St John of God Murdoch Hospital to offer those undergoing breast cancer surgery a more precise surgery, and reduced likelihood of subsequent surgeries,” says St John of God Murdoch Hospital CEO Ben Edwards.

“This innovative state-of-the-art technology creates lower risk for patients because less time is spent in the operating theatre. This reduces potential risks associated with anaesthetic, infection and bleeding.”

Our sincere thanks to the Tony Fini Foundation, Frank Tomasi, Gudrun Westerfeld and Galvin Engineering for their kind support for the Trident HD technology at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

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