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Many of us know someone who has received a cancer diagnosis. However, what is less well known is that some cancer treatments can come with large out-of-pocket costs, making them out of reach for many Australians. This is especially true for people who have been unable to work due to their condition, and for people living in regional and remote areas, who might have to travel away from work and their loved ones.

New medical discoveries can help cancer patients to live longer and to experience less pain or other debilitating symptoms. However, these treatments are not always funded or subsidised through private health insurance or Medicare, leaving patients with large bills to pay. Through the St John of God Bunbury Hospital Workplace Giving program, local caregivers can choose to support patients in the South West in financial need, with life-changing Gifts of Hope.

A Gift of Hope is a gift of financial support provided to in-need Australians with life-threatening conditions such as cancer. For patients who are struggling to afford the best treatment for their cancer, this gift can really bring hope back to their lives.

With thanks to the support of local business Piacentini & Son, the impact of caregivers’ donations will be even greater for the South West community. Piacentini & Son have generously decided to support Gifts of Hope in the South West, as a Workplace Giving partner for St John of God Bunbury Hospital.

“Piacentini & Son is extremely pleased to be able to continue our relationship with the St John of God Foundation through Gifts of Hope,” says Alison Piacentini of Piacentini & Son.

“The alignment of our organisation’s values and the great work of the Foundation has ensured that we have been able to maintain sustainable relationships and support projects in the South West community.”

The combined kindness of Bunbury caregivers and Piacentini & Son will help to bring compassionate care closer to home for the South West community, and provide direct financial support for patients to access life-changing cancer care.

“Through supporting Gifts of Hope we have been able to assist people at often the most vulnerable moment of their lives. Knowing we are able to assist a patient in their time of need is encouraging and it’s great to know we have been able to make a difference,” says Alison.

We are so grateful to Piacentini & Son for their immense kindness, and to Bunbury caregivers who make a difference each day not only through their exceptional work, but also through Workplace Giving.

If you’re interested in supporting care closer to home at St John of God Bunbury Hospital, please contact:

Philanthropy Manager, Hannah Weir
Tel: 0429 928 541
Email: [email protected]

Your gift can change a life.