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Your top 3 areas of interest at St John of God Health Care are cancer services, medical research and new equipment and technology

As always, we will keep you updated on outcomes in the areas that you indicated have special meaning for you, as well as opportunities to further support these areas of work.

Your giving was inspired by gratitude
Many of you said that you decided to give as a way of showing thanks for the care that you or your loved ones have received at St John of God Health Care.

Your gratitude is incredibly powerful - thank you for giving back and helping other patients and families to receive the very best care.

Many of you had a meaningful experience with a St John of God Hospital or Service that you would like to share with us 

We are so thankful to our supporters who are willing to share their first-hand experiences with St John of God Health Care, and welcome your stories and feedback.
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Your overall (average) satisfaction score was 8.7/10

We will use your feedback to continue to improve your experience and ensure we deliver the service you expect from St John of God Foundation.

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