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For entrepreneur Ashby Farrell, the definition of success is being able to help others.

After starting his own real estate business Whitearch, Ashby found he had the capacity to give back to his community in a way he hadn’t before.

“When I started Whitearch, I knew I wanted the business to have a strong social conscience.”

And so, in 2022 Ashby announced that Whitearch would donate 3.5% of every commission to St John of God Foundation’s Gifts of Hope program, which provides direct financial support for people struggling with the cost of cancer treatment.

Ashby felt especially drawn to Gifts of Hope because in his professional life he has seen first-hand the financial impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on families.

“I often see people that are distressed and trying to sell their home because of the cost of their cancer treatment, or they’re struggling to buy a house because of the financial burden of their
cancer treatment,” says Ashby.

“Research and trying to find a cure is important, but the immediate financial pain that people go through, in order to receive life-saving cancer treatment, can be immense.

“To know that Gifts of Hope will financially help some patients and their families, when they need it most, is something I am very proud to be part of”.

Born at St John of God Subiaco Hospital and raised in Perth, Ashby has deep roots in his local community - especially since opening his own business in December of 2021. As a young man, he was actively involved in community sports, coaching and volunteering for local clubs, which reinforced for him the importance of being part of something bigger.

For Ashby, cancer is a cause close to his heart.

“Sadly I think everyone has been affected by cancer in some way,” says Ashby.

“I’ve got close friends, and parents of close friends, who have been directly affected by a cancer diagnosis and I see the toll it takes on not only the person who has been diagnosed but their loved ones as well.

“That’s why I believe it’s important to give back. It can make such a difference to people’s lives when they need it most.”

Your gift can change a life.