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Dennis’ beloved husband Peter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2017, and over the next four years, they spent a lot of their time at St John of God Subiaco Hospital. Dennis and Peter sitting at a lookout point with a view

“Throughout the four years and many stints in the hospital, we were very impressed with the caregivers. From the nurses on the ward right down to those who delivered the meals. Everyone was compassionate, understanding and very respectful of our needs,” said Dennis of their experience.

“We definitely felt we were heard and respected, that we mattered, and nothing was insurmountable.

“The fact we were a married same sex couple did not impact the level of care we received.

“It felt like we were front and centre in everything they did.”

While Peter was in hospital, he and Dennis heard from the nurses that they were putting together a team for that year’s HBF Run for a Reason event.

“We thought ‘what a great idea’, we should join the team and walk as well (as we definitely had a
reason), and maybe raise some funds to help the Foundation,” Dennis said.

The response from Dennis’ and Peter’s loved ones was immense.

“We sent out a generic email to our friends and family who knew about Peter’s diagnosis. We were very overwhelmed by the response, with donations coming from overseas even.

“Our reason for supporting the nurses on the ward and joining their team was the amazing compassion and support they gave to Peter and myself during our numerous stays.”

Peter sadly passed away in April 2021 in hospital. Dennis remembers with gratitude the compassion shown by Subiaco caregivers during this difficult time.

“I have a clear memory of when the end was near. I was sitting next to Peter reading my book. The room was calm and very still. A nurse was quietly checking his vitals. Suddenly Peter’s breathing slowed completely. I looked up from my book and thought ‘Oh dear, is this it’. The nurse walked up to me and whispered, ‘It’s not long now’ and very quietly left the room.”

“She gave me the space and time to be with Peter in his last moments. I’ll never forget her actions to allow me to spend those last precious minutes alone with Peter.”

After Peter’s passing, donations continued to pour in, with loved ones opting to donate to honour his memory in lieu of sending flowers.

Dennis hopes that the funds raised will go towards continuing to provide the high level of care that he and Peter received. 

“I hope the donations will not only go towards better equipment, but better care. Every person is different and has different needs,” he said.

“I hope the funds will help to maintain and increase the level of care to patients going through what is a very difficult time in their lives – no matter the outcome.”

Your kindness could change a life.