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Recent statistics show that over 2,000 Australians are diagnosed with a type of brain cancer each year. To help meet the needs of people in our community who are facing a brain cancer diagnosis, St John of God Murdoch Hospital has recently invested in state-of- the-art neurosurgery equipment, including the LoopX Intraoperative CT, and upgrades to the hospital’s Brainlab system.

Now, thanks to the support of generous donors, the hospital has been able to purchase a Cranial Ultrasound Probe that provides active imaging for neurosurgeons during surgery.

By enabling neurosurgeons to visualise the tumours in real time during surgery, there is greater scope to achieve outcomes for the patient efficiently and safely. It significantly increases the likelihood of surgeons achieving complete tumour resection and therefore greatly improves the prognosis for the patient.

Importantly, this technology has the benefit of more accurately identifying and removing the tumour without removing unnecessary tissue or causing any damage to surrounding healthy tissue in the brain. The cranial ultrasound also reduces the overall time the patient spends under anaesthetic.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital is the first adult hospital in WA to use this state-of-the-art ultrasound probe integrated with Brainlab navigation technology, and we are proud to be leading the way in health care excellence and positive patient outcomes for people with brain cancer.

We are so grateful to Sue Roberts, Galvin Engineering and The James Galvin Foundation for funding the cranial ultrasound probe. Their generosity will make a huge impact for countless patients and their families.

Your gift can change a life.