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Q. Looking back over your time at St John of God Foundation, what are your biggest highlights?

A. There are so many - too many to mention them all here! I’ve had the immense privilege of seeing the real impact of community support for patients and their families. This impact is perfectly demonstrated through our Gifts of Hope program (created in 2019), which provides support for patients struggling with the cost of cancer treatment. Thanks to compassionate donor support, this program has helped countless people in our hospitals who may otherwise have not been able to access the best treatment for their cancer.

A major milestone that I feel particularly proud of was the refurbishment of the Murdoch Community Hospice, which was completed in 2021. Originally established over 25 years ago with support from generous donations, this vital service’s renovation was entirely funded by donations and bequests from the community, showcasing the amazing kindness of our supporters.

I think both of these initiatives really speak to our values at St John of God Health Care, and how we emphasise compassionate care for patients and their loved ones during some of the most difficult times of their lives. I feel incredibly grateful and privileged to be part of a community where actual change and lasting impact is facilitated. None of this would be possible without our incredible donors and caregivers.

 Preema Wong, Director of Philanthropy & Campaigns

Q. Could you please tell us about a time when you saw firsthand how important community support is for patients at our hospitals?

A. The ‘Care Closer to Home’ campaign at St John of God Bunbury Hospital is a fantastic example.

Community support for this campaign – which ranged from $2 coins in donation buckets, to thousands of dollars from local businesses – directly helped to deliver the very best care, close to home, for people in the South West. This outpouring of support from the local community has enabled new short term affordable accommodation for people undergoing long term cancer treatment, as well as the coronary unit and interventional cardiology service.

Ten years on from the service opening, contributions from the community will continue to make a difference, through enabling equipment and technology upgrades.

To me, this campaign perfectly illustrates how each and every one of us can really make a difference when we come together in support of a cause.

– Hannah Weir, Associate Director of Philanthropy, WA

Q. If you could say anything to donors for their contributions over the past 30 years, what would you say?

A. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for your vision, for your compassion, and for your commitment to transforming health care for our communities. It’s really not an exaggeration to say that every single dollar you give makes a meaningful difference.

– Hayley Palumbo, Community Engagement Specialist

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