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The ConMed Air Seal System

Over the past 30 years and beyond, our compassionate community of donors have supported the procurement of some of the most innovative and vital equipment in our hospitals. Thanks to people like you, St John of God Health Care can continue to offer the latest in medical technology and bring the highest possible standard of care to our patients.

Through the generous support of the Massey Charitable Foundation, St John of God Subiaco Hospital has recently acquired a ConMed Air Seal System to support exceptional, personalised patient care.

The state-of-the-art device uses gas to partially inflate body cavities (e.g. chest, abdominal, rectum and even the neck) during surgery, ensuring surgeons can achieve the clearest possible visual whilst performing complex procedures. The ConMed Air Seal System can be used for advanced laparoscopic (key hole), robotic and transrectal surgery.

Dr Patrick Tan, a consultant general surgeon at St John of God Subiaco Hospital, said the donation has already made a big difference.

“This is a very generous donation from the Massey Charitable Trust,” he said.

“The ConMed Air Seal System gives us as surgeons the ability to maintain a constant pressure in the surgical field. The device also has a filter to clear smoke particles generated during the operation allowing much improved visualisation, and maintains body temperature thereby preventing hypothermia during long procedures - enabling a safer surgery.”

The ConMed Air Seal System is used by multiple specialities across St John of God Subiaco Hospital, benefitting many patients every single day.

“Surgeons and patients (even though they do not see the device) at St John of God Subiaco certainly appreciate this generous donation,” Dr Tan said.

“The purchase of this equipment was only made possible thanks to the Massey Charitable Trust and we are immensely grateful.”