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Your kindness shows our patients how much you care.

I’m so proud to work at St John of God Health Care, where we have a reputation for delivering high-quality, compassionate cancer care for our local communities. Our mission and values are at the heart of everything we do, and it really feels like every single caregiver cares on a personal level about our patients. 

As an oncologist, I feel it’s incredibly important that as much as possible, patients can access the very best cancer care close to their home and support system. And thanks to people like you, this is possible for our patients. 

At the rapid rate that cancer science is moving, there can sometimes be a gap between when new cancer treatments are shown to work, and when the treatment is able to be funded through Medicare. And unfortunately, sometimes there just isn’t enough government funding for every new treatment. Patients and their families may have the option to cover these things themselves, but those costs can really add up.

Through Gifts of Hope, we’re able to lessen the financial stresses that can come with a cancer battle, and help patients and their families to know that someone cares about that gap. Recently, a patient of mine responded very well to immunotherapy funded through a clinical trial. Unfortunately, the patient had to come off the trial as she developed a severe infection. The infection wouldn’t go away, and chemotherapy was not an option. The only way for the patient to continue treatment was to pay $60,000 out of pocket for immunotherapy. 

Luckily, through a donor-funded Gift of Hope we were able to partially fund this treatment for the patient. Thanks to donors like you, treating her cancer became possible again. 

Whether you choose to give the Gift of Hope, or just want to ensure the very best cancer services are available for families in our community, your generosity makes a really big difference. 

Thank you so much for helping patients fighting cancer to receive the best possible care, close to home. 

Dr Cameron McLaren
Medical Oncologist
St John of God Health Care