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Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in males and the second leading cause of cancer-related death for men in Australia.


St John of God Bunbury Hospital has become the first regional hospital to introduce a new procedure and technology that ensures more accurate identification and diagnosis of prostate cancer for men in the South West of Western Australia.

Known as a transperineal biopsy, Urologist Dr Paul Crow (above) said the new procedure has numerous benefits. “Patients can receive a more accurate diagnosis and their risk of biopsy-related infection is significantly reduced, which can assist with recovery rates.

“Transperineal biopsy can be advantageous as it accesses areas of the prostate that a standard prostate biopsy finds harder to reach and involves taking samples via the skin of the perineum, rather than through the rectal wall.”

The new equipment was fully funded by donations to St John of God Foundation and adds to the hospital’s existing comprehensive prostate cancer service.

St John of God Bunbury Hospital CEO Jeffrey Williams said how grateful he was for the combination of donor support and the engaged doctors and specialist teams involved in bringing the technology to the hospital.

“Our focus is always on what is best for our patients and they can rest assured that they are receiving the best treatment for their condition without having to travel to the city.”

Compassionate donations to St John of God Foundation help us continue to fund advanced treatment options at St John of God Hospitals, improving health care for regional patients.

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