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For patients like Felicity*, being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition like cancer can be made even more distressing by the sometimes prohibitive cost of accessing treatments not covered by health insurance or pharmaceutical benefits schemes.

New medical discoveries, including drugs and specialised equipment, can help patients to live longer and to experience less pain or other debilitating symptoms. However, these treatments can often be costly and out of reach of many Australians, especially if they are facing personal challenges in addition to their illness.

Felicity, who is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer, also has a 12 year old son to care for. Her husband has a serious disability following a sudden cerebral haemorrhage, and they have no other family in the state to help them out. For families like Felicity’s, a Gift of Hope can be life-changing.

A Gift of Hope is a gift of financial support provided to in-need Australians suffering from a life-threatening condition, such as cancer. This Gift directly supports patients like Felicity in their time of greatest need.

Dr Andrew Dean, Head of the Medical Oncology Department at St John of God Subiaco Hospital, is a leader in oncology care and research. Dr Dean also regularly participates in international clinical trials and continues to be a major contributor to pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancer studies. He has also seen firsthand the difference a Gift of Hope can make to someone like Felicity. Thanks to a Gift of Hope, she has been able to access advanced care.

"It allowed her to receive a new, unfunded treatment that she may not have had access to otherwise," says Dr Dean.

It is only thanks to the compassion and generosity of our wonderful donor community that we are able to give hope to people like Felicity in their time of need.

To support the Gifts of Hope program, please contact us on 1800 281 288.

*An alias has been used to protect this patient’s privacy. 


Your kindness makes a real difference, now and into the future.