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Imagine being able to spend precious time with your partner while they were in palliative care, because compassionate donors funded a specially designed bed that could remove the physical barriers between people during end of life care.

Generous donor support enabled us to provide funding towards 12 new Cuddle Beds for our hospitals across Victoria and Western Australia last financial year. A Cuddle Bed is a large, palliative care hospital bed that helps to remove physical barriers during end of life care, giving intimate connection and comfort to critically ill patients and their loved ones.

These beds will now be available in many of St John of God Health Care’s palliative care units across the country, providing patients and their families with safety and comfort during an incredibly difficult time.

We are so grateful to our donors for their generous support of Cuddle Beds at St John of God Health Care.

St John of God Murdoch Hospital caregivers standing next to a Cuddle Bed

Top image: St John of God Murdoch Hospital was one of the first health care providers in Australia to offer a Cuddle Bed to patients in palliative care, and is now home to four beds in total.



Geraldton caregivers with Cuddle Bed
Bottom image: L-R Phillip Balmer (CEO) Alison Dawson (Director of Mission Integration) and Susan Dempsey (Nurse Manager) pictured with St John of God Geraldton Hospital’s new Cuddle Bed.

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