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Since the declaration of the pandemic was first made by the World Health Organisation over two years ago, COVID-19 has placed significant demands on frontline healthcare workers, many of whom have often put their own needs aside in their commitment to caring for their patients.

In these challenging times, we all know how important it is to look after our wellbeing, and that it is often the little things that have the most impact. For our caregivers who spend long days wearing protective equipment, a small act of kindness can be a simple but meaningful way to acknowledge their commitment to our community and say ‘thank you’.

St John of God Geelong Hospital has launched a ‘Kindness Cart’, which will move throughout the hospital each day, delivering much needed healthy and fresh snacks and drinks to caregivers in areas experiencing high patient activity. The Kindness Cart was made possible thanks to generous donations from local businesses, Kane Construction and DBS Homes.

On behalf of all St John of God Geelong caregivers, we extend our sincerest thanks to these compassionate donors for their support of this initiative, and for making a real difference for hospital caregivers on the frontline.

Your kindness makes a real difference, now and into the future.