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I wanted to say thank you in a way that was meaningful


“How can I give back in a way that will benefit the hospital and the wonderful caregivers who have looked after me, as well as future patients?”

Grateful patient Andrew Withers asked this question, committed to showing his appreciation for the care he’d received.

“Both my wife and I have experienced outstanding care at St John of God Geelong Hospital over the past three years, and we wanted to show our appreciation by doing something that would make a real difference.”

During the week that Andrew spent in the rehabilitation ward recovering from major surgery, he did some research of his own by speaking to the hospital caregivers about what he could do to show how grateful he was. The result was a donation that enabled the purchase of a new portable electrocardiograph (ECG) machine.

Andrew Withers unveils donation electrocardiograph machine at St John of God Geelong Hospital

ECG machines are used to perform tests that detect cardiac (heart) abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts.

St John of God Nurse Unit Manager Andrea Shrimpton said the whole team has been moved by Andrew’s expression of gratitude, and are already seeing the benefits of his gift. “Outside of the cardiac ward, our ECG machines aren’t always in use, but when they are required for diagnosis, quick and easy access is critical."

Now that we have an ECG machine specifically for our ward we are better equipped to manage early diagnosis of any changes in a patient’s heart condition, enabling a treatment plan to be developed as quickly as possible. Caregivers no longer need to leave the ward to collect an ECG machine which is another benefit for all.
Andrea Shrimpton, St John of God Geelong Hospital Nurse Unit Manager

St John of God Geelong Hospital CEO Stephen Roberts said it was wonderful to see caregivers recognised for the exceptional care they provide in this way. “Andrew’s donation has resulted in our timely access to this important diagnostic equipment. It’s been great to see the team help Andrew follow through with a meaningful gift to show his appreciation. We really can’t thank him enough.

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