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St John of God Health Care is proud to be expanding its mental health services with the reopening of the St John of God Langmore Centre.

The redeveloped, state-of-the-art centre is expected to open in mid-2022, and will offer the latest evidence-based therapies to help people living with mental health issues.

Even before the pandemic, the demand for mental health services was increasing, so now more than ever the centre will play a vital role in supporting better community health outcomes.

“One in five Australians live with a mental health condition,” says St John of God Langmore Centre CEO Linda Allen.

“It is quite possible that someone in our family, a neighbour or someone we know at the local sports club, the local school, or working with us is affected.” 

Some of the most common mental health conditions include anxiety, depression, and addiction issues, all of which can be debilitating and affect people from all walks of life. For a person struggling with their mental health, their condition may be exacerbated by having difficulty accessing help when they need it. This can also place additional pressure on loved ones caring for the person experiencing issues.

“It is important that people are able to access and be provided with the right support close to home, in order to focus on improving their quality of life,” says Linda.

Research also shows that patients are more likely to respond better to treatment and have a sustained recovery when they have access to early intervention mental health services close to home. The St John of God Langmore Centre will be located in Berwick and will service the fast-growing South East corridor of Melbourne, providing a specialist community mental health service with both inpatient and outpatient services. We look forward to bringing you more information on this exciting project as it progresses.

For more information, please contact St John of God Berwick Hospital Philanthropy Manager Upeka Kumarasinghe on 0499 528 095 or [email protected]

Artist's impression of the Langmore centre
Artist’s impression of a patient room at the new St John of God Langmore Centre.

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