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Marisa Wessel, Pastoral Services Manager at St John of God Bunbury Hospital

When a person is in palliative care, it can be the smallest things that bring joy. In between visits from friends and family, patients may spend a lot of time alone, and being able to enjoy their favourite music can be a very welcome comfort.

Over the past several years, you have shown amazing support for people in palliative care and their families through our Christmas Wish Appeal. Through your kindness and compassion, St John of God Bunbury Hospital has been able to purchase digital radios for each palliative care bed in the hospital.

Now, palliative patients at the hospital can enjoy the benefits of having their own digital radio in their rooms – they might choose to listen to the radio while they are by themselves, or share in some music with loved ones.

One family said they enjoyed being able to play music for their beloved mother while she was in end-of-life care, because music was such a big part of her life.

“This product has made a huge different to the lives of our palliative patients,” says Marisa Wessel, St John of God Bunbury’s Pastoral Services Manager (pictured, inset).

“It is actually an amazing gift and very, very helpful to our patients contributing to their wellbeing. I am sure it will bless our patients for many years to come!”

This is just one of many initiatives which, thanks to you, can bring joy and comfort to patients in palliative care and help to fulfil their final wishes. To donate or find out more, contact us on 1800 281 288 or visit

Banner image: Pictured L-R - Maeve O’Malley (Acting Nurse Unit Manager), Dana Cederman (CN), and Kirsty Bright (RN) installing new digital radios in palliative patient rooms.

Your kindness could change a life.