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Thanks to Bendigo Breast Cancer Support Services Network and three Lions Clubs in the Bendigo region, new equipment has been purchased for St John of God Bendigo Hospital that will greatly improve quality of life for patients recovering from breast cancer.

The new donor-funded machine, called a SOZO, will help to screen for lymphoedema, a potential side-effect following surgery for breast cancer. Lymphoedema can often lead to uncomfortable swelling, usually in patients’ arms, and so having a SOZO machine to easily and non-invasively screen for this condition will make
a significant difference for breast cancer patients. Importantly, the machine measures subtle fluid changes before they are felt, enabling early intervention and reducing the risk of a condition that can have a major impact on patients’ limb movement and their self-esteem, and can require long-term monitoring.

“I will be forever grateful to the Lions Clubs and the Bendigo Breast Cancer Support Services, who do extraordinary community work,” says Rosie Gillies, a Breast Care Nurse Consultant at St John of God Bendigo Hospital.

"Thank you really isn’t enough – due to such kindness, St John of God Bendigo Hospital’s breast cancer patients will have access to state of the art technology in reducing risks of lymphoedema and improvement of health in the oncology and cardiac rehabilitation programs. Our sincere thanks to the Lions Clubs of Kangaroo Flat, Heathcote, and Maiden Gully Marong, as well as the Bendigo Breast Cancer Support Services Network for their remarkable efforts and generosity."

This new equipment will make an amazing difference for breast cancer patients and caregivers in the Bendigo community.

Pictured: St John of God Bendigo Hospital caregivers Abbey Hayes (left) and Rosie Gillies (right) testing the new SOZO machine.


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