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Since 2020, St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital caregivers have raised over $11,000 through St John of God Health Care’s internal Workplace Giving program. 

The generous contributions are supporting young mothers in the St John of God Horizon House Young Mother and Baby Program, a service which provides pregnant and new mothers who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness with accommodation and support to develop essential life skills as a new mother and transition to independent living.

The money raised has been used to purchase ‘home-starter’ packs for mums moving into a place of their own and include household essentials like bedding, kitchen appliances, pantry staples, and more.

St John of God Horizon House Support Coordinator Sharon Collins said the caregiver donations are incredibly meaningful for the young mums both financially and emotionally.

The home-starter packs not only reduce financial stress for our mums, but act as a meaningful display of support, showing our confidence in the mums as they take this important step to building the life they want,” Sharon said.

It’s incredibly meaningful for the young mums to know there are people in our organisation who want to help them succeed. People they’ve never met are cheering them on and that has a real impact on our young mums’ confidence.”

It’s a win-win for caregiver donors who say they feel privileged to be able to provide support.

One caregiver said she was proud to support the cause.

“There is no better feeling than helping others and knowing you are helping to make a life-changing difference for someone in need,” they said.

A small donation from your pay each fortnight is barely missed but it makes a tremendous difference to the lives of these young mums when we all contribute to this fantastic cause.”

Mum and Baby at Horizon House

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