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Philanthropic giving often comes from a desire to enhance the wellbeing of others. The ability to ‘give back’ can be a powerful motivation for individuals to donate to causes that have had a lasting impact on their own lives.

St John of God Foundation donors, Siegfried and Gudrun Westerfeld

This was certainly the case for generous donors, Siegfried and Gudrun Westerfeld. Siegfried began attending the Cancer Centre at St John of God Murdoch Hospital in 2017, and recently made a generous donation to enable to purchase of two brand new chemotherapy chairs for the centre.


Originally from Germany, Siegfried and Gudrun have lived in Australia for many years, and wanted to give back in a way that felt meaningful to them. "The people of Australia have looked after us so well," he said. 


The Westerfelds have also contributed significantly to supporting improved health outcomes for cancer patients at Murdoch Hospital, providing vital funds to support the Oncology Clinical Trials unit and cancer research carried out on site.

"Donor support can help to increase patients’ access to treatment options, leading to better quality of life and improved health outcomes. The Westerfelds’ recent gift is a great example of the real life impact that philanthropy has for our patients. The Hospital is very grateful for their wonderful generosity." Ben Edwards, St John of God Murdoch Hospital CEO

We thank the Westerfelds for their generosity and the positive impact they will have for cancer patients at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.

To support health care advancements at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, you can make a donation or contact us to discuss an area of interest.

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