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Our wonderful donors are kind and passionate, and care deeply about giving back to their communities. We love to hear the stories behind what inspires them to give. We asked Jeffrey Williams, donor and CEO of St John of God Bunbury Hospital, to share his story.

For Jeffrey, giving is in his DNA. He and his wife Andrea both work in the non-profit sector, and have always felt that charity is an important part of life. They give back wherever they can, through volunteering or donating to causes close to their hearts. One cause that is particularly special to Jeffrey is Gifts of Hope, which provides direct financial support to in-need Australians who are struggling with the cost of cancer treatment.
St John of God Bunbury Hospital CEO Jeffrey Williams

“Gifts of Hope really contribute to positive outcomes in people’s lives. It relieves that pressure and that worry and all of those things that are really stressful when you’ve got cancer – it really gives some hope.”

With Jeffrey’s extensive experience in nursing and quality management at St John of God Health Care and in the public sector, and now in his role as St John of God Bunbury Hospital CEO, he has seen firsthand the difference that support from the community can make.

“The ‘Care Closer to Home’ campaign is a fantastic example of how the community can make a real difference,” says Jeffrey. “Through that campaign, we had around $3 million raised in donations that ranged from a $10 note or a $2 coin being chucked into a donation bin, through to tens of thousands of dollars coming from community organisations in the South West region.

“Out of that campaign we were able to build the South West Cancer Accommodation Centre in Dalyellup, which provides short term affordable accommodation for people undergoing long term cancer treatment. That’s made a real difference for the community in the South West - the affordability of it, and people not having to drive overnight, with kangaroos jumping on roads - that’s taken a real
stress away.

“Through that campaign we’ve really delivered care close to home – and the coronary unit and interventional cardiology service is a great example of that. Ten years on from that unit opening, the equipment needs to be replaced. And we’ve got funds raised by the community that are going to enable us to upgrade the equipment, and we’re going to be right there with the latest technology and again will be delivering better care, closer to home.”

As CEO and as a donor, Jeffrey is passionate about delivering high quality care to the people of the South West.

“The thing that makes me most proud is the team that I work with, who deliver great care to the patients and their families that we care for every day.

“We hear such wonderful stories about the hospitality and the compassionate care that’s provided. That’s one of the reasons why we – well it *is* the reason - why we are here. The reason why we’re here is to care for people.”

Jeffrey is one of many caregiver donors across St John of God Health Care, who make a difference each day not only through their work, but also by generously donating in support of transformational patient care – many through the St John of God Health Care Workplace Giving program.

We’re so grateful to Apex Radiology for their support of the Workplace Giving program at St John of God Bunbury Hospital – their generous contribution will mean the impact of caregiver donations will be even greater for the Bunbury community. 

Do you have a story of your own you’d like to share? Please contact Hayley at [email protected] or by calling 1800 281 288.

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