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Thank you for supporting our 2021 Christmas Appeal and bringing festive joy to patients and caregivers.

Over the Christmas and New Year period donations to our Christmas appeal supported a number of areas across St John of God Health Care. 

Your kindness, and the kindness of people like you, will help to bring hope to patients all over Australia through: 
  • Better health outcomes for cancer patients through innovative research, technology and treatment
  • More Cuddle Beds to bring comfort and connection to patients in palliative care and their loved ones
  • Offering Gifts of Hope to provide support to in-need patients suffering from life-threatening conditions such as cancer
  • Providing advanced treatment options and better health outcomes for patients where it is needed the most.

We also asked our community to send a special festive message of hope to patients and caregivers, and the results were simply wonderful. Some hospitals also displayed these messages on “Giving Trees”, where visitors could also leave messages and make donations. 

You can read some of these lovely messages below: 

"Thank you to all the many nurses, doctors, and all the devoted people working in all areas of St John, and the many patients. A very merry Christmas to you."

"A blessed and joyous Christmas to all caregivers and patients."

"For better health, peace and God’s continued help + love, is my divine wish for all for 2022."

"To all the people who need our support, I wish you God’s care and that your Christmas will be a happy one. My prayers for you all. God bless."


Your kindness makes a real difference, now and into the future.