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On Sunday 22 October, St John of God Foundation had the pleasure of participating in the 2023 Telethon Family Festival in Perth. 

The festival was part of the 56th annual Telethon weekend, which brings together families from all over WA for fun, music, and most importantly of all – raising funds to ensure a better life for local kids, now and in the future.

St John of God Foundation is fortunate to be among the charities and organisations selected to receive funding from the Channel 7 Telethon Trust in 2023, to enable new technologies at St John of God Murdoch and Subiaco Hospitals.  

This includes a fetal monitoring machine for the birth suite at Subiaco and a baby ventilator for the Special Care Nursery at Murdoch.

At the Telethon Family Festival, St John of God Foundation caregivers hosted a booth, where visitors were invited to join in games and colouring in competitions, and to learn more about the personalised, compassionate care made possible in St John of God hospitals thanks to Telethon funding. A large HOPE mural was also created by the children and families.

“We were honoured to take part in this iconic event and grateful to be a Telethon beneficiary,” said Rachel Bruechle, Director of Community Engagement, St John of God Foundation. 

“The generous contributions of Channel 7 Telethon Trust will directly help countless WA families in St John of God hospitals during the precious first days of their babies’ lives.”

Learn more about the impact of Channel 7 Telethon Trust’s support here.

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