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Improving patient outcomes through leading medical and health research to discover new treatment options. 


Supported by community partners and generous donors, our commitment is to advancing discoveries in healthcare with a focus on human dignity and compassionate care.

From the profound personal impact of tailored treatment, to the far-reaching effects of our leading medical research, we are helping to transform both individual patient experiences and community health outcomes.

Our current areas of research include:

  • Discovery and implementation of new diagnostics
  • Clinical drug trials
  • Patient well being before and after treatment
  • Advanced medical technologies

To find out more about medical research at St John of God Health Care, and projects supported by the Foundation, please contact us


Hearing the news that I only had 12 months to live was shocking. Thankfully for me, immunotherapy treatment was my lifeline. - Alex Marshall

With your support, we can directly help patients living with a life-threatening illness to access costly medicines including unsubsidised treatments such as immunotherapy; a type of cancer treatment that assists the body's immune system to fight cancer. Find out more.
Thank you for sharing in our vision to transform health care for humanity.

You can support better health outcomes through leading medical research