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Imagine being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition like cancer, and not being able to access the best treatment for your disease.

New medical discoveries, including drugs and specialised equipment, can help patients to live longer and experience less pain or other debilitating symptoms.

However, these new treatments can often be costly and out of reach of many Australians.

If treatments are not covered under Medicare, health insurance or pharmaceutical benefits schemes, patients and their families may have the option to cover these costs themselves - but this can really add up. 

A Gift of Hope is a gift of financial support provided to in-need Australians with life-threatening conditions such as cancer. For people who are struggling to afford the best treatment for their cancer, a donor-funded Gift of Hope can be life-changing.

People like Chrissie*, a patient at St John of God Berwick Hospital. Thanks to support from our generous community, Chrissie has been able to receive life-changing immunotherapy treatment through a Gift of Hope.

Chrissie’s oncologist identified that for her specific type of cancer, the addition of immunotherapy to her treatment plan, which already included standard chemotherapy, could have a significant benefit and increase her chances of survival.

The Gift of Hope made immunotherapy treatment affordable for Chrissie.

“The impact on Chrissie has been remarkable,” says St John of God Health Care Oncologist Dr Cameron McLaren.

“The benefit to her morale by such a tangible act of support has been immeasurable.”

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*Not her real name

Your kindness could change a life.